21 July 2024
Data Management: Key to Sustainable Sheep Breeding

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Importance of Data Management in Sheep Breeding Programs

Effective data management is crucial for smallholder sheep and goat breeding programs to ensure the conservation and improvement of animal genetic resources. In regions like Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA), where sheep and goat breeding play a significant role in the agricultural sector, the quality and productivity of herds directly impact farmers’ incomes and livelihoods. Insufficient or poorly adapted breeding programs can lead to lower quality herds, which in turn affect the availability of valuable resources such as meat, milk, and wool.

Utilizing Digital Tools for Data Collection

To address the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, organizations like the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) have implemented Community-Based Breeding Programs (CBBPs) supported by user-friendly digital tools like DTREO. This app enables the efficient collection, management, and analysis of data essential for making informed breeding decisions. By empowering farmers to improve selection methods without compromising indigenous breeds’ genetic integrity, programs like DTREO play a vital role in enhancing the genetic evaluation process of communal herds.

Impact of Data Management on Breeding Programs

The successful implementation of DTREO in countries like Ethiopia has led to significant improvements in small ruminant breeding programs. By training enumerators to collect data using tablets and enter them into the digital database, the accuracy of breeding values has been enhanced. This data-driven approach not only provides quick feedback to communities through reports and graphics but also helps in identifying and culling unproductive animals, thereby improving overall herd productivity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Expanding Data Management Initiatives

ICARDA and its partners have expanded the use of data management tools like DTREO to countries beyond Ethiopia, including Jordan, Tunisia, and Mali. By conducting workshops and training sessions on better data recording and management systems, local stakeholders are empowered to improve small ruminant management interventions effectively. This collaborative approach not only enhances breeding strategies and genetic evaluations but also ensures the sustainable development of agricultural practices, thereby benefiting dryland farmers across the region and beyond.

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